Katanak- “Weigh Down”

Today’s featured single is about how expectations are created around who we are and what we can achieve. These expectations tie us down, as they create an image of us that is difficult to get rid of. “Weigh Down“, by Australian singer-songwriter Katanak, is a single that identifies and lets go of what people expect from us. An energetic track that invites us to let ourselves go and dance along.

Dylan Cattanach, better known by his stage name Katanak has a wide range of inspirations. From The 1975, The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club, Katanak was inspired to create an alt-rock sound that is both personal and prone to experimentation. “Weigh Down” was born after a period of his life when Katanak felt as if he was being tied down. But, after landing a role in the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film (Romeo+Julliet, Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby) Elvis, starring Tom Hanks, he was inspired to finally put all of his feelings into words.

I was working in job that was that draining me and I wasn’t able to focus on my passion for music. I was fortunate enough to land the role and play Jerry Scheff (TCB band) in the up coming Baz Lurhman ‘Elvis’ movie and it really just kick started my passion for music again. I came back straight from shooting Day 1 and just penned out the lyrics about how it felt to feel like I wasn’t who I was supposed to be. When I’m really inspired the songs I write come out in an afternoon. It felt amazing to finally fall out of the funk I was in and put it in a song so others who feel the same way can share in the song. –Katanak

Inspite of its themes, “Weigh Down” is an energetic track with a little hint of melancholy. From the first momento of the track, with its guitar slowly building momentum until the drop that accompanies the introduciton of the vocals, to its chorus, its bridge and the powerful closing moments of the track, “Weigh Down” traps us and never lets us go. Its beat makes us jump up from our seats, while its insanely catchy song makes us instantly relate with what the lyrics are saying. In other words, Katanak goes hard and never backs down. His vocals reflect a rebuilt self confidence in himself as he has broken free of all the expectations that had once tied him down and let us know who he really is.

Photos credit to Gabi Rankine @gabirankinecreative on Instagram

“Weigh Down” marks a powerful resurgance from Katanak. It is an unmissable, relatable track that excites us for his upcoming releases and tours in Australia. Make sure to check him out!

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