Marcus Valance- “Yesterday”

Mourning and grief are difficult emotions. They have a huge impact in our lives. Losing someone close to us transforms us as we sooner or later discover that we are no longer the person we thought we were. British singer-songwriter Marcus Valance’s newest single “Yesterday” explores this stage of grief with a honest approach, both musically and lyrically.

“Yesterday” is inspired by a life event in Marcus Valance’s life. The track was born as a way to help him process the confusing emotions he was going through. Due to its personal nature, Valance at first doubted if he should release it. It was when a close friend of his praised the song that he decided to release it. The single was written by Marcus Valance, with him also playing the harmonica, piano and guitar. It was co-produced by Valance and Joel Bogen, who also played the bass. The string arrangement was composed by Ben Bogen, who alongside Joel Bogen mixed and mastered the track.

The song itself came relatively easy to me because I knew what I wanted to say- I wrote and recorded it in a few hours initially playing the Guitalele which sounded great considering it’s a cheap and now pretty old instrument I bought as a travel companion a while ago. I thought that talking about death, as part of life, was important not only from a personal point of view, but to help others open up about their own grief. –Marcus Valance

Thus, “Yesterday” is full of honesty and emotion. Valance has carefully crafted a single that is able to move us. With an instrumentation that invokes the nostalgia of those who are no longer with us, he sings about how much of an impact their loss can cause on our life. As the track progresses, each instrument (guitar, piano, harmonica, bass, drums and strings) joins the mix almost like a dream, as if they were the memories coming back to us. Valance’s vocals perfectly tie together the track. His voice lets out emotions not many of us dare to express out loud, let alone put them into song.

“Yesterday” is an emotional song with a personal backstory that gives it the emotional strength it has. Marcus Valance is able to transmit though emotions with which the listener is able to identify themselves with. If you are searching for honest, direct emotions, this is a track you cannot miss.

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