This emerging Indie-Rock/Folk band from Baltimore, USA, has delivered a catchy breakup tune that stays with you with its mellow atmosphera and a diverse instrumentation that captivates the ear and stimulates the mind. A beautiful sounding track that evolves like a Spring day.

YUTZI is giving lots to talk about after their initial formation just about a year ago. From playing backyard parties to headlining some of the hottest venues in their region, the eight-piece band is currently one of the hottest emerging rock bands in the east region.

Encompassing a wide variety of instruments, “Give Me The Blame” presents a mix of drums, bass, saxophone, guitar, cello, piano, and of course vocals. These friends seem like they have a very tight relationship both as musicians and as people, which you can tell by looking at their NPR Tiny Desk Contest video:

The single is a bit sad lyrically speaking. It boards the theme of having to leave somebody behind to pursue your own dreams. In this case, songwriter/lead-singer Tom Starr wrote the song trying to convey the difficulties of leaving his partner to become a successful touring musician.

But apart from all the sadness, musically the track is very bright and with a lot of positive energy, that is potentiated by each individual on set. Every instrument falls right on the spot, and the composition is very infectious, leaving its mellow melodies inside our heads.

YUTZI (pronounced YUTE-zee) was formed by childhood friends and elementary school rock-bandmates, Tom Starr (Vocals, Guitar) and Austin Lasky (Drums), and named after their first music teacher (Mr. Yutzy).

Their music is infused with elements of blues, rock, pop, folk, soul, funk, and psychedelia; boasting
diverse songwriting, varied musical styles, and exceptional, high energy live performances. This single is as beautiful contradiction between the melancholic lyrics and the heart-warming music, making of YUTZI a strong candidate to become the next great American rock and roll band.

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