Lorraine Bautista “Frontline”

If you think you know Lorraine Bautista, wait until you hear her super hot single. 

Plus, if you doubted the beautiful west coast singer/songwriter in the past, you’ll have to admit that you misjudged her.

After listening to “Frontline,” she will own your mind, body, and soul.

Beyond that, Lorraine Bautista is a sensational singer with enthralling vocals that are more seductive than high heels.

The message of this song is to serve as inspiration and to encourage others to persevere through times of self-doubt, rejection, and uncertainty, that we may encounter in our life. The sound is very different from my first release for sure, but I wanted to create some new and fresh.

Loraine Bautista

“FRONTLINE” begins with two fantastic intros.

The first intro contains outside/nature sounds, similar to the beginning of New Edition’s mega-charting single “Can You Stand the Rain.”

However, the two introductions are totally different from each other.

That’s because, at the start of “FRONTLINE,” you can hear water crashing into rocks on the beach.

However, there is no water in “Can You Stand The Rain” in the beginning.

Returning to “FRONTLINE,” the second intro, which contains music, begins after six seconds.

Nonetheless, the intense music production creates an incredible atmosphere for the vocals that will follow when the drums drop on the track after twenty seconds.

When the introduction reaches an exciting climax, Lorraine Bautista appears and elevates the song to a new level with her presence.

Without a doubt, the singer delivers an enthralling performance that will leave the audience in awe.

Listening to the words in the song now gives you a different impression of the singer/songwriter.

While she rides the beat like a dominatrix who enjoys being on top, the enlightening lyrics tell a slightly different story if you listen carefully enough.

Through the excellent songwriting, the singer expresses herself through lyrics that jump off the page.

And the song’s overall theme is enormous confidence.

She converses with people who are not on her level but continues to speak from the sidelines.

The Los Angeles artist also says to a person who wants to be with her:

If you cross a line, you might lose me / Yeah, because I’m bad and bougie.

There are many other viral moments in the song’s lyrics.

The latest single by Lorraine Bautista is a huge confidence booster, thanks to the excellent songwriting, sensational vocals, and great music.

For all my female baddies out there, it’s a reminder to appreciate and value yourself to keep believing in your goals and vision. Sometimes the definition of baddie is not just the clothes, jewelry, and fancy car, but the mindset of striving and persevering regardless of circumstance.

Lorraine Bautista

Right now, you can listen to “FRONTLINE.” And we have treat for you all, a short snippet of the upcoming video for this track that Lorraine want to share with us, the video is going to be released soon…

The track was produced by SOSDynamikz & Gary Jones and also mixed and mastered by Gary Jones.

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