The Wildwoods- “Thirteen Sailboats”

Soothing and calm, The Wildwoods newest single “Thirteen Sailboats” takes us on a ride across the sea. Each chord, each note serves is a wave that takes us further, into uncharted lands that we will soon traverse. During the journey, we follow a sailor’s dream of an ideal person, but at the same time discover that this idealized image of someone hides struggles: a metaphor of the roads we decide to take during our own life. Would we be better if we had chosen another path?

The Wildwoods is a husband and wife duo from Lincoln,NE, USA. Noah and Chloe Gose first started playing together after meeting in middle scholl when they were only 14 years old. Since then, they have been composing music together. Their folk style is characterized by its intimacy and sensibility in both lyrics and music.

-The Wildwoods create music with delicate melodies and descriptive lyrics that are inspired by nature, love, experiences from the road, and growing up in Nebraska. The music of The Wildwoods primarily revolves around the use of tight, unique harmonies and intricate instrumental parts, predominantly driven by violin and acoustic guitar, used to create a soundscape that is compelling, yet still graceful. The Wildwoods draw musical inspiration from the likes of Watchhouse, Joni Mitchell, The Decemberists, Gillian Welch, and Gregory Alan Isakov

“Thirteen Sailboats” was born when Noah and Chloe took a trip by the sea. Invaded by melancholy, Noah wrote a poem in which he imagined himself as a sailor longing for “Virginia”: a metaphor about all of those who have found success in life. The sailor begins to doubt his own choices at the face of such a perfect image, but soon he realizes that “Virginia” too hides her doubts and struggles. He begins to reflect on his life and who he was and who he is today, and how he has gotten so far. After writing the poem, both Chloe and Noah started to work on the music.

“Thirteen Sailboats” is a soothing magical journey that takes us both through the sea and the human mind. Its acoustic approach and direct confrontation with feelings and thoughts are The Wildwoods’ trademark. The duo achieves to create personal metaphors through lyrics and music to represent complex ideas. For example, how their voices harmonize with each other in key moments of the track, representing the posibilities of the “what could have been” or how the violin in the track serves both as a melodic guide and as an image of the waves moving our boat. As the sailor ponders about his past, the music gains intensity, as if the ocean itself reacted to the deepest emotions of the main character.

The Wildwoods present with “Thirteen Sailboats” a complex, metaphorical and touching track in which ideas are not only presented in its lyrics, but also in its music. It is a journey into the sea that no one must miss out on. Give it a listen!

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