YAEVIN “Yellow”

Music fans have been waiting to hear contemporary R&B songs that really stand out.

Year after year, most urban music releases have sounded not as good as I would like it.

YAEVIN steps in and saves the day with an R&B single titled “YELLOW.”

“Yellow” started out as any normal writing session with my producer, Luke Markham. We sat down at his studio and I told him I wanted something that sounded much more modern than anything I’d ever done before. I like sad songs and floaty, ethereal, sweet sounds with a lot of room for vocal arrangements, so he sort of knew what direction to go in. He really surprised me with a track that sounded very emotionally complicated – at least that was my reaction to it.”

“YELLOW” begins with a lengthy introduction that lasts approximately 28 seconds.

Typically, most intros now begin without drums.

However, the drums on “YELLOW” appear in the first two seconds.

It brought up a lot of different and contradicting feelings; sad, beautiful, dark, hopeful, enchanting, empowering. This was around the time the Atlanta shooting happened. I was in a state of pain and anger that I really couldn’t shake and didn’t know how to deal with it; anger feels really complicated and scary to me. And I found calmness through the sounds he put together. So, I took it to my studio and just improvised words and melodies and the Verse “Yellow, yellow, yellow” was the first thing that came out. And I just kept building from there.


The singer makes a brief appearance in the intro with repeated vocals that drop in and out.

With that said, the repeated vocals are only a tease to keep the audience listening until she makes a full appearance.

After building up people’s anticipation, she finally arrives and takes them on an unexpected journey through the song, beginning with the following lyrics.

“Yellow, yellow, yellow / They see yellow, yellow, yellow / You are the kind I need / He feelin’ me / Of all the girls I meet.”

So, based on the songwriting, you get the impression that the recording artist is lifting the veil to reveal what’s going on in the background.

As I put together the final lyrics, I asked myself, “why is it that we, as Asian women, know in our bones that this was a hate crime, but so many people disagree?” I knew, personally, because I have felt unsafe around men who fetishized me. I have feared for my safety when being catcalled about my race and body parts walking home late at night. My friends have been hit on on public transit and then immediately harassed and called racial slurs by strange men. The relationship between our sexualization and the violent crimes committed against us is very real and I want other people to understand that change starts small.


The lyrics give the listener exclusive insight into how one can have deep romantic feelings for someone who does not share those same emotions.

And yes, you can hear it when the singer says:

“I know too well he don’t deserve me / That boy think he in love with me / I don’t like him thinkin’ he in love with me / Love with me, love with me.”

YAEVIN’s outstanding performance grants her the authority to say things that would be unpopular if anyone else spoke on the subject.

But when the singer discusses the same subject, it becomes a hit because she is the exception to the rule.

Don’t make it a joke when your Asian friend is being hit on by the guy with an obvious Asian fetish. It makes us feel really small and as if we have to laugh with you. As if it doesn’t hurt us or gross us out. And also stop defending them and trying to convince me that they’re actually good guys. Because it’s not about that. You can be a really good person and hurt people, that’s a fact. It’s become really socially unacceptable to objectify women, but with Asian women being one of the exceptions. And it’s just not talked about enough. So “Yellow”, for me, is what that feels like and hopefully some people will be able to start understanding our experience.


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