Losun “Crossroad”

Life is a maze of paths, and it’s your decision which path you choose on your journey. Somewhere on a crossroad you may meet someone else, also walking the path they choose, and while it’s a wonderful feeling to continue the journey together with someone, it’s sometimes just not meant to be. At least not with that particular person who chose another road instead. That’s the basis of “Crossroad“, a single with a bittersweet core running with the speed of life.

“Crossroad” is the newest single of Losun, an indie pop project of Spanish multi-instrumentalist Mateo. Blending indie pop with a slew of genre-crossing inspirations, Losun’s airy popping sound shines brightly on the new single, incorporating speedy rhythms and flowing melodies. Even if the sadness of having to let go of that fleeting special moment runs as an undercurrent, the song does not lose its pace. Quite the contrary, “Crossroad” inspires to keep your head high and keep on going, and if the lyrics are not uplifting enough, the artist has also brought on an absolutely sublime instrumental solo.

“The inspiration for this song came from a relationship that got caught in “neverland” like the lyrics say. “Crossroad” is an analogy about the life paths we take. We’re all following our independent path in this experience we call life and sometimes we meet people at a crossroad. Some people follow similar directions, but others have a completely different plan. When it comes to a relationship it’s impossible to build something if future plans don’t go well together. That’s when you have to accept the reality and keep following your own path. It’s all about that carpe diem.”


This single is the third release for Losun, a project that was born out of necessity at a time when Mateo was going through hard times. Harnessing music’s healing powers, Losun became his vessel of self-expression and a platform for all themes human. His first two singles tackled mental disorders and anxiety, and the third includes the layered emotions bridging sense of purpose, loneliness and hope. All that is packaged into beautifully crafted songs with an uplifting sound and caressing flow.
All three singles he has released so far are wonderful and highly recommended!

“Enjoy the present. We tend to get caught in nostalgia or fantasise about future plans, but time goes only one way, and today is as real as it gets.”


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