Elektric Animals “Head in the Ground”

We’re glad to announce that Denver, United States-based alternative rock band Elektric Animals have released a new single, entitled “Head in the Ground.”

“Head in the Ground” is the second release off of Elektric Animals’ upcoming EP, Channels, which will be released 5/13/22; and the track follows their first single from the EP, “Come Clean.” 

Channels is comprised of 3 new songs, recorded at Everhart Studios. Each of the singles from the EP also has its very own tarot card created, which Elektric Animals include in a pack that they give to those who get the EP. The tarot symbolizes the link between worlds—to find there is power in connection no matter which channels you choose to navigate. 

The 3 new songs are fueled with classic blues guitar, thought-provoking introspection, modern production, and a touch of seduction. The songs are mixed and produced by Matthew Keller, with additional production from Eric Everhart.

About the inspiration and creative process behind the Channels EP, Nick Sanders (vocals) says, “We dug deep with this EP. I had to really live in the pain my life had become. I had to wallow and decide that sometimes life isn’t about what goes right but what you do when it all goes wrong. I had to relive the emotions like first love and loss and what it means to pull yourself out of depression and hopelessness. The songs got ugly but in return became hopeful and triumphant.

Describing the sound of “Head in the Ground,” as well as the upcoming third single from the EP, “Falling,” Eric Everhart (producer/drums) tells us, “We were going for a tape saturated, overdriven preamp sound in everything for “Falling.” Mostly seeing what we could do with almost no reverb on anything. “Head in the Ground” was more a love we all have for the classic Lofi indie music. Finding a way to inject psych pop into an introspective feel. Very dreamy, especially with the synth sound design, but keeping the UK garage feel underneath.” 

“Head in the Ground” begins with powerful drum rhythms accented by staccato, reverb-laden electric guitar chords and a deeply resonant bass groove, which nicely underscore a dreamlike synth melody. As the first verse begins, the song’s introspective lyrics and catchy vocal melodies join in, locking in perfectly with the rhythms of the drums, bass, and guitar. The choruses then see the synth melody from the song’s intro return, the vocal melodies harmonizing with the synths quite well; while searing guitar leads later join in to highlight the energetic concluding chorus.

The production is also wonderfully clear throughout “Head in the Ground,” with all the instruments working synergistically to spectacular effect. It’s quite an enjoyable listen, showcasing Elektric Animals’ brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship, and I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative- and indie rock alike.

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