Burn Like Stars – “Strange Comfort”

This track is a powerful and emotive representation of falling apart from your significant other. With a nostalgic vibe that rewinds us to the metalcore scene of the 2000’s, Strange Comfort hits on all the right spots with melodic and screaming vocals that blast away through the chugging guitar riffs.

Falling in love with somebody and then falling apart sucks. We’ve all been there. Today’s artist not only tries to portray the emotional twister of the breakup aftermath, but also to help people struggling in this situation. Lead by singer-songwriter Lloyd Ratalsky, Burn Like Stars is a new band from Albany, NY, USA that shreds out with a heavy tone.

This song was inspired off of a relationship I had with someone. We had a big falling out and instead of working on the relationship she ended up getting close to a childhood love. She knew he was a bad person with bad habits and swore she wasn’t gonna let it get deep but she ended up getting real close to him again. Hence the “you said you would never let it happen again. You had to hurt me to make me feel again.” – Lloyd Ratalsky

The track is a wonderful mix of heavy Metalcore that resembles some of the classics like Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens and so on. The blend of melodic vocals with absolutely absurd low reaching growls make of the single a true delight to any fan of the genre.

You can expect face-melting guitar riffs, in-your-face drums, violent bass, and a brutal breakdown with screaming vocals that go down the drain… Metalheads will understand.

The band’s intention is to write songs about important subjects that could possible help others through tough times. Strange Comfort is all about the feelings of depression and having that negativity following you around, as you can see it portrayed in the music video.

My goal with burn like stars is to use situations I’ve been in to relate with others. Let people know they are not alone with our struggles and I hope all the music I drop helps someone through a hard time.” – Lloyd Ratalsky

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