Tori Boltwood “Stay On The Moon”

Love and communication, the endless source of wisdom. The healing power of which usually follows a large pain and heartache. It kind of makes sense since you can’t really heal what is not broken in the first place, but it doesn’t make the troubles of relationships any easier. Whether it’s the connections inside a family or romantically involved people, it’s the knowledge that loving someone is not enough to keep them in your lives is something that comes through painful experiences.

Tori Boltwood, a singer-songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas, speaks her own experience through the new single “Stay On The Moon“. The melancholic and cinematic song came out of a personal event as a means of therapy, sinking deep into the emotions to unravel the sad thoughts and to find the path onwards. The pain of loss is described quite beautifully by the lyrics sung by her soft and clear voice, echoing in the foggy ethereal landscape. Damp from all the tears, the slow-paced song is like a moonlit night spent sitting outside, all alone with only a drink by your side. Staring at the moon and the landscapes of mostly silhouettes, trying not to look too hard into the void within. What might be called “one of my worst nights” later inspires to get up and do the right decision, finding a path to healing and inspiring others hearing this story.

“I haven’t really spoken in great detail about what Stay On The moons backstory is mainly because it’s more difficult for me to personally talk about because it was written as a way for me to cope with the end of a relationship with a family member I had grown up with.
Writing a song about the end of a connection with a family member is probably the most weird feeling. You wanna live in your truth but also small part of you wants to still protect them and have been taught that we “never call out family publicly” but I think that’s a mentally that can trap so many people in bad situations and silence people from seeking healing. also for me it ended up being less of a call out and more of a song that helped me work through how I was feeling. Stay on the moon might not make everyone I know happy but if it can help someone else have the courage to set boundaries and take care of their mental / emotional health then it’s worth it. sometimes we have to put the love of ourselves above the comfort of others.”

Tori Boltwood

The solo artist has a beautiful strong voice with a timeless quality, which has rightfully earned her comparisons with young Cher and even female version of Elvis. The latter is probably not that surprising considering she grew up listening to Elvis Presley, her dad’s favourite artist, among many other artists which ended up shaping her own sound later on. Bridging the taste of classic with ethereal, sometimes cosmic sound, her music is as strong and all-encompassing as the emotions packaged within. She has also been on the blog before with a dramatic rocking song “Con Artist” and a soft yet powerful “Cry Baby“.
As of what the future brings, Tori Boltwood’s eyes shine with determination – the singer’s future promises to be busy!

“My plans for the future and reminder of 2022 are to keep improving as an artist. To create and put out my first collaborative music piece with another artist and to start working on larger music projects while also investing in getting back out there a doing live shows for the first time in my indie music career.”

Tori Boltwood

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