Blind Season – Wine & Hair Dye

The “last night” is always the hardest night. The night you go back to most times in your head. This night where everything changes. It’s the same night that “Blind Season” talks about the song “Wine & Hair Dye“.

For first time listeners I would say expect a journey of self discovery. You can get through hard times and eventually feel good about things that haunt you. Through these songs lies an intriguing journey that I hope I will be able to build upon in the near future".

This sentence that is repeated throughout the song, “Give me a reason to stay here” says it all and floods the true meaning that stands behind each of us in a moment like this.

And not by mistake, this is the last song in the trilogy and the album. It expenditure the entire album. And they definitely give us a reason to stay.

Amazing harmonies, mesmerizing punk guitar, deep bass, catchy drums. All of these definitely give a new meaning to the punk world. When they are just 2 official band members: Shane Sigro on vocals and guitar, and Mike Paraski on bass and backing vocals. When the song recordings for the album are made literally in the garage, you realize that they are ready for anything that can happen, and don’t refrain from lifting the punk world one step further, at any cost.

And no matter how great the rhythm of the song, which immediately catches the ear, once you listen to the lyrics and the profundity, they will carry you into a world of past memories. Makes you think about the events in life that went wrong, but are the ones that brought you to where you are today. A tour of a journey into yourself, through their expedition, and a very interesting perspective on life in general and relationships in particular.

The sincerity of the song is so effortless, manages to bring something new in a very specific and honest way that immediately makes us captives to the song, the lyrics and makes us dive into self-discovery, and know that even if terrible things happened, you can still feel good about them in the end.

“The particular ethos of the album is that i look at each song as sort of a diary entry/chapter. At the time that i was making it i wasn’t leaving the house much and staying in a dark room creating these songs because I had nothing else to do. The band was essentially over so it was a lonely time. I needed friends so I made songs instead to get out of my head”

Shane Sigro / Blind Season

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