Denni Ian “Two Figures”

Something new has been created in the music industry and it is called “Two Figures” by the great artist Denni Ian from Denmark and produced by Christian Johansson.

Denni is a writer, painter, and musician by grace. Classical literature, traditional poetry, punk culture, and expressionist art is the force behind him that marks him as one of the best creators and performers of today. Without the need to beautify Denni brings kicking art that does not leave us indifferent.

In the song “Two Figures”, Denni takes us on a journey toward love and melancholy. In pictorial descriptions of deep poetry and a fascinating clip, he puts us straight into his world.

He isn’t afraid to express himself, and be totally real, even if it’s complex, even if it hurts.

He talks about the loneliness that is at the bottom of life and time, searches for the soul, and knows how to create for us the experience of the situation full of unprecedented metaphors and in such peaceful details.

The song stands out in its Lo-Fi world and in its post-punk and folk sound.

It starts with a drum riff, a bit tribal, which gives us solid ground and is kept with us throughout the song. The shaky guitar that puts us in a trance spring, the special synth sound, and the touching piano that goes in and out of the eagles, create an atmosphere of feelings and thoughts and move us from the chair.

Denni Ian brings us back to where sincerity lies before us, dead ends, madness, and the bottom of love.

In deep and penetrating singing, Denni Ian speaks into our souls. He conveys to us the disorder and troublesome thoughts he had in mind while writing the song.

His special clip, sharing the expressionist animations that come to us like a rough black shadow, is alive and throbbing along with the guitar vibrations on a clean white background. In asymmetrical shapes, the black shadow appears on, next to, and around Denni Ian and leaves us a lot of room for imagination.

Denni Ian manages to intrigue and mesmerizes the viewer as the song progresses. Gently increasing, it’s impossible to move the eyes from it.

Denni tells:

“I wrote the lyrics for” Two Figures “in the summer of 2020 while being hospitalized at a local psych ward. Close to an all-time low, I had lost my mind, felt existentially exhausted, and alone.”

Denni Ian

Unlike most common singers and composers nowadays, Denni Ian captivates our hearts with naked eyes, deep singing, fascinating lyrics, and a breathtaking clip.

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