Toothbrush – “Kaleidoscope”

This track brings all the groove and all the fun of being drunk. Mixed with spoken-word lyrics that can almost be catalogued as poetry, “Kaleidoscope” is an artsy, nasty, tangy Indie-Rock track that swerves with a British attitude and just a tad of misanthropy.

Hello everybody, and welcome back to your favorite musical blog. It’s your boy Madzen, and today we have a very, very interesting track that’ll hopefully make your day a little more entertaining. I’m talking about the debut single by this London-based band called Toothbrush… Such a fine name.

What makes this track unique is its originality and an almost obscene vibe of alcohol, cigarettes, and cynicism. With drunken steps, the track moves forward with a rock and roll vibe and a low end that makes the ground shake. Its attitude can be compared to a full pub at 3am where everybody is loosened up and trying to get away with everything they can.

There’s a bit of a young Arctic Monkeys spirit in there, making itself more prominent during the choruses. The whole theme is about people you meet, wether you like them or not. Whether you want them speaking directly into your face or not. Whether this is the last place on Earth you’d rather be – or not?

Hazy smoking areas, grimey vistas,
accompany drunken confessions,
descending into a swirling dirge,
before swimming back to sobriety.

Toothbrush says this is their first and last single. I strongly hope not.

Recorded at Catherine Songs Studios in the early, pre-pandemic times of 2020. Mixed by Tony Burrata @ Catherine Songs Studios. Mastered by Cicely Balston @ AIR Studios Lyndhurst. Artwork by Ellie Bingham.

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