Bellhop “Alone”

We’re glad to announce that Melbourne, Australia-based fuzz rock duo Bellhop have released a new single, entitled “Alone.”

Bellhop’s tumultuous rhythms, fuzzed-up guitars and heaving drums are made up of brother and sister duo Bella and Harry Watson, with mastering by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Currents Suppression Ring). After signing to Melbourne-based independent record label Squinked Records, Bellhop are now releasing their latest single.

“Alone” is a clarion call for a generation facing uncertainty and vulnerability, with the title of the single conceived as a nod to local Melbourne band Enola (“Alone” spelled in reverse). Harry Watson, guitarist and vocalist, penned “Alone” from the depths of lockdown. Referring to his room as a dark cell throughout the song, “Alone” emulates all of the feelings brought on by isolation and loneliness; the sensation of disconnection and forlornness of a generation of artists locked inside. For fans of artists such as Fuzz, Clamm and Mini Skirt, “Alone” is the margin of fury and vulnerability, filled with alarming riffs.

This track was heavily based off melbournes lockdowns – being stuck inside for almost 2 years disconnected, alone, dark and feeling like my bedroom was a prison. You would have some dark days and a few euphoric high days because your brain was missing any simulation it just didn’t know what to do with itself. This song really emulates the feelings that were had during that time and looking back represents a part of history that we lived through and survived through. But it’s very angsty and loud.


“Alone” begins with a plodding, downtuned electric guitar riff, each note echoing with metallic reverb and bringing about a feeling not unlike being in a dark cell. The vocals then join in, bringing a vulnerable quality to the track that perfectly suits the lyrics about loneliness and disconnection, while adding further to the song’s cold atmosphere. As the drums enter, they nicely underscore the repeating guitar riff as it takes on a more distorted tone; while at the same time, the vocals intensify, expressing quite well the feelings of desolation and anguish that will be relatable to many listeners in a time of quarantining and social distancing brought on by the pandemic. Walls of fuzzy distortion ensue, as screamed vocals finally convey the feelings of anger induced by isolation, and the track then concludes with a very cool instrumental outro, highlighted by a groovy-yet-still-crushingly-heavy electric guitar riff.

For new listeners we’d definitely want them to know we’re brother and sister duo and our songs come through jamming. We live for our live music scene in Melbourne and if they should do anything is check out your local scene and listen to local bands and support them as much as possible. It all starts here and LISTEN TO BELLHOP!


In addition to excellently capturing the complexity of emotions induced by isolation, “Alone” is also quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Bellhop’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this song to fans of garage- and psychedelic rock alike.

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