Unknown But Essentials! (April 2022)

April 30, 2022

Hi, so glad you’re here, final day of the month, that means that its time for our monthly round up for UNKOWN BUT ESSENTILS! This time I added 51 tracks this month to this Playlists that is receiving so much love from you, I’m really happy with your support to all these amazing and upcoming bands, they deserve it and we deserve as well to have brand new bangers to enjoy, so here you have I won’t say the TOP10 but 10 of the tracks that I don’t want you to miss and that want to share something more about this talented artists.

If you follow the blog, I’m sure you’re going to find some familiar faces on this list that we already cover with their own reviews (Burn Like Stars, The Lowtones, Bursting Wonderland, and All Societies)  or are part of our 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To.

Let’s take a look at some of them don’t forget to follow, stream, support, share, and add them to your playlists. If you enjoy their music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp (you’re going to find the links here, from  those who have). If you want to check the previous article for this playlist you can do it here.


1.- Anie Valentine Ending Things Love this debut single, in her own words: “This is my first single and is a song that I am really, really proud of. As well as being a release for my pent-up frustrations with past relationships, Ending Things is a perfect showcase of all of my musical influences bundled up into one short snappy single! It has the perfect balance of nostalgic grunge and pop-punk vibes, while also being catchy and easy to listen to – and it sounds exactly like the next big Tik Tok hit!”

2.- Felix Tandem Shoplifter The track features the aggressive optimism of an 8-year-old at recess while still maintaining a bouncy-pop danceability found in bands like Cage the Elephant or The Linda Lindas. “Shoplifter” is an exploration of frontperson and lead guitarist Max Sternlicht’s personal run-ins with asexuality, capitalism, masculinity, and the law.

3.- Killer Kennedy Disney Bitch   Debut Single by this brand new LA based artist. Her biggest influences are underground emo rapper Lil Peep and Taylor Swift. Her sound reflects this unusual combination, blending emo, pop, and punk. Her debut single “Disney Bitch” was released earlier this month, following a viral tik tok that hit 1.1 million views. The single was featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds: Pop” and Apple Music’s “New in Alternative”. The music video released April 12th and quickly hit 100k views

4.-Mules The Things We Learn In Books “Following the overwhelming praise and positive reviews of our debut single ‘Clapping For Carers’, Brighton Post-Punk Band Mules are back with their new single. Signed to Halfmeltedbrain Records, the band have quickly gained an audience and are playing in and around the south with gigs coming up at the Great Escape, Washed Out festival as well as their own SMASH IT UP night. Mules are on the up!

5.- Ellen Torres You Remind Me Of  her third single is about the struggle of moving on – something all too familiar for some people. ‘You Remind Me Of’ depicts the fascination over someone, where no matter what they do they seem godlike, and even though you know you should move on, you just can’t. Ellen Torres is a Chilean-Swedish artist based in Brighton, UK.

6.- Bible Club  “debut single, ‘Mr. Lizard’, encapsulates the bands range of musical styles and influences through loud aggressive guitars, hard driving bass, tight punky drums and wailing synthesisers. The song starts with a brooding bassline reminiscent of the sounds of joy division, shortly followed by growling guitars not dissimilar to My Bloody Valentine. Breaking into the main riff, vocalist Dan Page commands the track with powerful, soaring vocals. Riding out on a rapid, aggressive, and charming conclusion akin to the likes of Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.

The track’s lyrics are an observation of the narcissistic personalities manifested from societal perceptions of masculinities. This “Mr Lizard” is the embodiment of those with bad characteristics and dated values. The focalisation shifts to this character at the end of the song as you follow their “arrogant ramblings of a deluded bar stool preacher that clings onto a false perception of popularity”.

7.- A VOID Newspapers is carried by a strong alliance of melodies and dissonances with pure metal blast beats by way of chorus. A necessary intensity to express the emotions and violence running through the lyrics: ‘Instead of destroying myself, I decided to destroy everyone’s ears! It’s about freeing yourself from your conditioning, not knowing how to deal and getting lost in your own liberation.’ The track is A Void’s most cathartic, heaviest, announcing a new direction from their sonic/grunge sound.

8.- Strawberry Cough My Song 19 Originally a slower song, well-known Utah producer and songwriter Denney Fuller helped shape the song into what is now: a Strokes-inspired alternative rock song with a powerful/driving drum and bass groove, crisp/slightly overdriven rhythm guitars, and an uplifting chorus with a shimmery lead guitar line. The song takes a left turn into a slower, shoegazey bridge to relieve some of the tension from the hard-hitting garage rock. The song then comes full circle by returning to the main rhythm guitar part that explodes into a dynamic, ripping dual guitar solo to end the song. The lyrics are meaningful and deeply personal, providing an excellent juxtaposition to the upbeat nature of the song.

9.- Dez Dare  “Darren on “Religion has always confused me. I was raised Catholic for a while. It wasn’t for me. I find the concept of faith difficult. How to believe in the intangible? The concept of heaven, even more baffling. I remember being asked in school whether I believed, and when I said no, the brother asked whether I wanted to see my family and friends in heaven when I died. This scared the fuck out of me and I said “no, 80 years is more than enough thanks”. We are animals, like all other organic life. We are a part of the entire universe down to the molecular level and reach far into the galaxy and beyond. We have little time before we are absorbed back into the quanta, so we should all take a breath, understand our place and stop hoping for a magical life beyond. Surely being a part of this massive and beautiful cosmos is amazing enough? Do we really need more?”

10.- Kelly Phoenix  No Mistake Great debus single and Kelly share the backstory for this track with us “The song is about a relationship i was in where i realized that the person i loved turned out to be detrimental to my well being by not allowing me to be my true self and by holding me back by making me believe she loved me when in fact all she ever loved was the idea of me”.

This is my first official release and while my background is predominantly Rnb and Soul. This infatuating Alternative Rock loop was a perfect place for me to unleash all my anger, frustration and energy about a toxic relationship I just got out of after 2 years.

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