Ella England “With You”

The new week has began and I can’t think of anything that’s better than some great fresh music to pull you through the week. This time the new sounds come from Scotland, where a young artist named Ella England lives. She has just released her newest single!

Ella England is a singer-songwriter describing herself as a country girl living in a big old world. A young person herself, she creates music that’s connecting with people searching for themselves, especially the young adults and growing teens among the crowd. Offering a surge of energy and highly relevant lyrics, Ella England’s music is full of smoothly produced awesome pop songs. Her journey as a releasing artist is still very fresh, but her dreamy 2021 debut single is now joined by the uplifting new tune.

The new song, titled “With You” is a whole journey much like the theme it tackles. Soft shimmery guitar plucks introduce to a fuzzy warm atmosphere providing a beautiful backdrop to the artist’s pure and emotive voice. It’s a powerful song celebrating friendship, underlining the importance of having someone to help you through, and the resulting feeling of gratitude-laced empowerment shines throughout the song and especially the chorus bit. It’s also a searching song, depicting the world as seen through the eyes of someone who is struggling to find their path, and that makes it a really close-hitting song for a lot of people out there. The search may be long, but “With You” will provide all the energy and reassurement needed and also push you to reach out for a helping hand.

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