The Chamberlains – “Last Night in Norwich”

The Chamberlains add a dark and mellow twist to the Indie Rock genre in their latest single. “Last Night In Norwich” is a seductive rock track with a gloomy ambience, delivering a soft listening experience perfect for all you Goth culture lovers out there.

That’s it my friends! New day, new single. Today we have a quite interesting single brought to us by Sydney artist Mike Stephens. A one man band at its finest, Mike ventured in the challenge of writing, recording and releasing music all by himself.

This new track is the continuation of his musical experience after the release of two singles and later his debut album “Kingdom Of The Swine” in 2021. Mike has always had a unique attitude that can be compared to those of poets, being one himself. A recluse as a teenager, he found love and amazement after the musicality and lyrical expression of artists like Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nick Cave.

Mike created The Chamberlains as a solo project in 2020, and with the help of engineer Ben Worsey at Everland Studios in Sydney, and musicians Fabien Bethuizeau and Ralph Marshall, his long-awaited album was finally released.

Last Night in Norwich originated some time back as a (failed) poem I wrote in a Blue Mountains motel room, in the dark hours of one morning after watching a particularly morbid documentary. I had this crappy, 30-odd-second guitar idea I had recorded separately, and while messing around later on in my home ‘studio’, I discovered this musically suited the tone of the lyrics rather nicely. Voila – a Frankenstein’s monster.” – Mike Stephens

This specific single has some kind of a retro vibe that reminds us of bands like Joy Division. A somber quality to the lyrics, as they are inspired by one of the most twisted chapters of American history and the 20th century, can be found. Musically it feels like a dancing spirit, with poetry and history oozing out from every pore.

A sentiment of darkness is present on the track, but at the same time it doesn’t feel as heavy as it should. There’s actually a feeling of lightness to it. All in all, the track is a unique experience that takes us back to those somber rock days of the 90’s, and I think that many of us can appreciate that.

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