Lost Like Lions “Medicate” (feat. AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer)

We’re glad to announce that Buffalo, United States-based rock band Lost Like Lions have released a new single, entitled “Medicate,” featuring AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer.

Influenced by artists such as Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind, and Weezer, Lost Like Lions are Derrik Schiersing (vocals/guitar), Jamie Bigaj (guitar/backing vocals), Jim Kaczmarski (drums), and Joey Raab (bass). Since forming in 2014, they released their debut EP The Way of The World (2015) as well the Navigate (2019) and The Devil That You Know (2020) EPs—in addition to having released a recent single from earlier this year, “Back To Life” (our review here). They’ve also played many excellent shows, including opening for The Ataris on their 15th anniversary tour for their iconic album, So Long, Astoria.  

Now Lost Like Lions have returned with a new single, “Medicate,” which features guest vocals from AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer. About the meaning behind their latest single, the band says, “‘Medicate’ is a song about being young, making mistakes, and embracing them. It’s definitely a song of nostalgia, and the days of your only worry in the world being ‘What friend group am I hanging out with tonight? And what will I be drinking for the night?’”

Like “Back To Life,” the single will be included in their upcoming album, Fear of Letting Go, to be released this summer. The tracks on the album were recorded in Brooklyn, New York and produced by Chris Flury, before finishing them in Lost Like Lions’ hometown of Buffalo (whether at another local studio or in their own home studio).

Our track ‘Medicate’ is really the perfect song to show to a new listener of our band. We are really proud of it, and think it shows a growth from our last EP ‘The Devil That You Know’ released a few years prior. It’s a really fun song to play live, and I am really hoping listeners, new and old, enjoy it! Derrik (vocals/guitar) says.

“Medicate” begins with powerful drum rhythms and a low-toned, nostalgic electric guitar riff that is soon joined by deep bass notes and a distorted chord progression, together creating a catchy alternative rock/pop-punk sound that perfectly accompanies the song’s creative lyrics and hook-laden vocal melodies. Throughout its compelling verses and memorable choruses, “Medicate”’s engaging sound is highlighted not only by dynamic vocal melodies and inspired lyrics, but also by a range of guitar techniques including grungey sustained distortion, riffing leads, and palm-muted chords at times, forming a potent guitar-driven sound that is energetic yet wistfully evocative.

“Medicate” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, highlighting Lost Like Lions’ brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative/indie rock and pop-punk alike.

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