Red Skies Mourning- “Where You Been?”

Red Skies Mourning newest single “Where You Been?” is a synth pop track that examines the nature of relationships. Clearly inspired by the retro sound of the 80’s, he has shown a clear evolution in his sound, giving it even more depth that the one it already had!

Red Skies Mourning is a Maryland based solo singer-songwriter-composer that has developed a sound inspired from various sources which include 80’s synth music and video games. Since the beginning of the year, he has released various tracks like “Light Of Mine”, “Paralyzed”, “Deep Moonlight”, “Lost Without You”, and “In The Moment”. With each new single, he meets and raises expectations of what he is truly capable of as “Where You Been?” is a proof of.

The backstory is not knowing that you’re hurting someone due to your own internal issues(low self esteem, self doubt, thinking that person is out of your league, you don’t deserve them and other struggles…). Only realizing what you’ve done after that person opens up about not feeling important or worthy and they eventually leave, hurt. After realizing all this, you’re hurting a lot as emotions slowly come back… search within yourself to find yourself, understand and love yourself so that you are also mindful of others’ feelings. Also becoming more emotionally available. -Red Skies Mourning

“Where You Been?” evolves Red Skies Mourning’s sound by elaborating upon the building blocks he has established in his last releases. His characteristic square synths that play various arpeggios over an excellent beat that serve as a homage to all of his sources of inspiration. It also tackles the sense of nostalgia of a relationship, of really not being able to understand oneself and the others. It perfectly captures the atmosphere of the feelings of melancholy that Red Skies Mourning portrays in the lyrics, as it permits a close emotional connection to the listener. He creates a soundscape vast enough as the memory. We look back at those relationships and think back about who we where and how we are now. Maybe thing would’ve been different?

“Where You Been?” shows the next step for Red Skies Mourning. If you enjoyed the track, make sure to follow to what he has next!

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