Amateur Ornithologist – “Hermit Phase”

This rather new artist is bringing out all the best of his ADHD condition to create moments of understanding for people like him. His new single, “Hermit Phase” is a fast-paced Indie-Rock track that encompasses a lot of his experiences in only 150 seconds. Listen now!

Amateur Ornithologist is the solo project of UK musician, Daniel Clifford. Unknowingly living with autism and ADHD, the artist had always been running at a different speed from everyone around him. It was only after he was diagnosed that everything started to fall into place.

“Where my friends might have their lives all sorted out, I’ve never managed to develop any (and I’m not that interested in) career progression or any of the other things most people seem to be – owning a house/car, getting married etc. But I also find a lot of other everyday things like ordering drinks or food, going to new places etc. Unless I know the “rules” or “etiquette” of a place or situation, I’m a bit frozen by the idea!” – Daniel Clifford

Daniel is also neurodivergent, which leads to awkward social interactions, so I imagine that social distancing wasn’t that much of a challenge to him! He took all of this, his conditions and the lockdowns, to create a track where can articulately express himself, as he did in his debut album “Birdwatching” in 2021.

The difference now is that Clifford wanted to make a much faster track, and he did so by adding quirky/fun melodies to an exciting beat! Cowbell shots, drumrolls, and jerky guitars deliver a tasteful experience for everyone that listens. And don’t forget the Rock N’ Roll harmonies at the end!

I team pop melodies with lyrics that probably reveal far too much about my odd brain, harmonies you might expect from a Beach Boys and doo-wap obsessive and music that’s influenced by post-punk and indie pop of the late 70s and early 80s.

Amateur Ornithologist’s aim is to create a really strong catalogue of music, hoping people enjoy dipping into his singles and then spend a bit of time on his album and other tracks too. So please do give it a listen and support him if you like!

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