Jake Inzerra “Elevator”

Have you ever felt trapped in your own cloud of emotions? Not only will you be able to see things in their true color, it’s also almost impossible to get the wall of emotions fade away. Well, in some top floor cases you don’t even want to. 🙂 That considerably boxed-up feeling is basis to a new sparkly single by Jake Inzerra, a New York-based singer-songwriter running free self-expression in his signature sassy contour.

Jake has likened that feeling to an elevator that never opens its doors to let you out. Moreover, in your haze of emotions it’s even hard to figure out if you’re going up, or are you really just going down instead. So his new single is fittingly titled “Elevator” and comes as a sexy bold pop tune that gets the head nod and legs swinging. From the strong beat to the guitar plucks, the song is infectiously dancy, and his singing voice is an absolute pleasure. Speaking of his singing, there’s a reverb added that makes him sound like a person singing in a closed-in space. Something that’s specifically elevator-sized. Such a cool detail to bring the whole concept further.

“The song ‘Elevator’ is a metaphor. Real, hard talk behind a beat you can dance to. There are days when I feel like I am trapped in an elevator. I am helpless as I go up and down in this claustrophobic box that I can’t leave. Whether I’m on cloud nine or hit rock bottom, I sometimes feel like a slave to my own emotions. And I think that is something a lot of people can relate to. My music is a gateway into the inner workings of my thoughts, and sometimes the best thing to do is to face these wild emotions, sit in them, learn from them, and ultimately purge them.”

Jake Inzerra

Jake Inzerra is a free-spirited pop artist who started up as a gay boy in a small town. Since finding home in dancing and music, he left the homophobes into the past and went on to study dance in Broadway Dance Center. New York became his new home after completing the studies, and now he is a releasing artist inspiring to stay free of any chains, embracing yourself and your sexuality, and finding the confidence in yourself to live life to the fullest.

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