Under Neptune – “Throw All Away”

Being deep inside an emotional turmoil is a situation difficult to escape from. But today’s featured single is about successfully going against all odds and finding the light in what seems to be a never-ending tunnel. “Throw All Away” is a hard rock track by Under Neptune that does not shy away from throwing hard punches straight to your gut.

Under Neptune is a project helmed by Daniel Monteiro. Born in Brazil, Monteiro has been writing music since he was 13 years old when he learned to play guitar, bass and keyboard. In 2017, he moved to Vancouver and officially started his musical career with the release of the track “Are You Still With Me”. His previous single “Disappear” was released earlier this year. “Throw All Away” is his fifth single from his upcoming EP that will be released by the end of 2022. In this track, not only did Monteiro played the guitar, bass and keyboards, but he also was in charge of the backing vocals and the songwriting and producing role. For the lead vocals, he reached out to Felipe SM Wolfe to perform them while Jordan McQueen was in charge of the drums.

Listening to “Throw All Away” makes us feel powerful. It is a hard rock track, a rare thing to find in today’s music scene. It is full of accumulated energy that suddenly explodes without any warning, representing the struggle and the victory of finally finding a way out of our struggles. The guitars and the vocals by SM Wolfe have a powerful sound that fill us with energy, convincing us that no matter how hard it may seem, we will always find a way out. They carry the emotional weight of the track and take it to the next level. In fact, it is surprising just how much emotion the music and the vocals transmit. Under each beat of the drum, each guitar solo and each headbang, Under Neptune makes sure to leave a hopeful message.

“Throw All Away” is a track that explodes in emotion. Another hit from Under Neptune that is sure to capture the attention of new fans!

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