GrayBeat – “Levitron (ft. Wayne Sayres)”

Today’s featured single compiles distinct sounds to truly build something unique and otherworldly. GrayBeat‘s newest release “Levitron” features synths, strange percussions with funky beats, distorted vocals and a sax to create a whimsical yet extremely complex single that is a joy to listen to. It is multi-dimensional alien food!

The idea for “Levitron” began in early 2021, before of the release of his album GrayBeat LIVE, while GrayBeat began experimenting with his synth in the search of sounds. The single was then put on hold until he met sax and bass player Wayne Sayres and added the sax solo. However, GrayBeat sensed that something else was missing. He showed the track to Grammy Award producer Mike Mangini, who suggested adding the vocal part and to work on the mix to allow the listener to focus his attention and drive their focus to certain instruments. Thus, “Levitron” became what we can now hear today.

I had this song sitting around. It reminded me of the feeling of being in a tractor beam, levitating weightless. I knew it had sort of a synthwave sound to it, and it had a downtempo retro feel as well. I thought it would be a good fit, so I composed about eight layers of saxophone using midi saxophones in Ableton Live, and I sent the performances over to Wayne for him to play and record using his alto and tenor saxophones. Unfortunately, there was a delay related to saxophone repairs that came up, but in the end, everything worked out perfect timing wise. -GrayBeat

As the title suggests, “Levitron”‘s proposal is to make the user feel weightless, as we are taken away to strange lands. The diverse sounds, even those we think we are familiar with, sound as if it came from other planet. Such is the case with Wayne Sayres sax solo: A funky sax that seems alien and coming from the future, yet retrains a certain retro aspect in its jazz licks. And when they come together, everything seems organic, as it was always meant to be that way. But the sensation of floating also comes from the composition strategy. GrayBeat makes the track flow unseemingly from one section to another. He puts one sound or instrument on the spotlight (the synth, the sax, the beats) and when that instrument has played what he has had to play, it passes the baton to another one. This transformation is invisible and thus our focus shifts naturally.

“Levitron” is a surprisingly sensorial track. GrayBeat plays with his sounds to make our senses feel physical reactions, such as floating and being carried away by a tractor beam. He has created a whimsical, amusing track that is a must hear! Do not miss it!

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