Seasoning – “Del Boca Vista”

Allow me to tell you a story.

A married couple relaxes in their room at sunset after stepping off a plane and checking into a five-star luxury hotel for their vacation.

While the husband searches for romantic music on his smartphone to set the mood, the wife opens the hotel room’s mini-refrigerator.

She then retrieved two small bottles of alcohol because she was in dire need of a drink.

At this point, the husband had discovered a playlist containing the most recent single by Seasoning.

Later. The couple is seated on their breathtaking hotel balcony with a view of the water.

And as the song “Del Boca Vista” plays in the background, the woman begins to cry.

The husband, shocked to see his wife crying, inquires about the cause of her distress.

She stated that the lyrics of the single made her cry.

Therefore, the husband played the song from the beginning, and he heard the following.

“Del Boca Vista” begins with a lengthy introduction to give the music space to breathe.

It also increases anticipation and demand for the vocals that will follow.

In the innovative musical composition, the lead vocals are soothing and tranquil.

After the introduction, there are times when you will only hear music.

Despite the fact that the song’s lyrics is scant the profound meaning on the sentences is really deep, and might the chorus line “I don’t want to live that way” will resonate with everyone sincerely.

If you have experienced a strained relationship before, you will understand these words profoundly.

Play “Del Boca Vista” immediately if you want to hear an excellent song with lyrics that will resonate with you emotionally.

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