Extreme Tropical Heat: “Fire” by Hannah Dorman

Last year I said 2022 is going to be music, music, music, and so far it definitely has been, just no one’s hearing any of it yet! I feel like I’m making up for lost time! Keep an eye out for some collaborations too, something I’ve never done with original music, but I’m so excited for the second half of the year and what’s to come! Hannah Dorman

Sizzling Hot Summer: “One Plus One” by Alex Kate

“I asked Heather to describe her childhood summers and she explained that she would spend them at a Lake near her house in Toronto. There she met her first crush and described the way that they felt like the only people in the world. It was like one plus one, the only maths equation you need when you are in love.” Alex Kate

Never Bite Your Tongue: Honestly, by Mazyn

“This track is my clean slate to myself as I finally feel completely honest and transparent in the art I’m choosing to show the world. Through it, I fully accept who I am as a person, and I know I’ll always have these battles within myself but I can only move on when I fully accept who I really am. I hope this track helps anyone out there dealing with the same issues, whether it being identity issues, mental health, or any sort of chaos the mind can bring. For without self-acceptance, one can’t achieve their true full potential.” Mazyn

Something Better: “Everlasting” by Maya Salafia?

"I want people to hear, feel and experience the real, authentic me, and I hope that comes through in my music. I love to use imagery to tell a story in my songs, and to share my true self and a piece of my heart and mind with my audience. Also, even though I am only sixteen, which some might consider young, I strive to be taken seriously as a prolific songwriter and performer". Maya Salafia

Presley Duyck – “My Someone”

"So the song acknowledges that someone can disappoint you or make you upset with their decisions, but you absolutely still love them. And you continue to hope they are safe. The song is about love and longing. Hope and fear! I was thinking of what it must feel like when your spouse signs up for the military and must go off to war… how hard that must be for the person waiting at home for their someone." Presley Duyck

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