Help! The Dance Floor is On Fire: “Can We Dance To This” by Clifford

Clifford, a firebreathing artist, has released a scorching tune.

Can We Dance To This is the name of the addictive, all-consuming fire.

Although the global pop singer recorded the blazing song a while ago, the microphone from the recording session is still smoking.

Clifford is an international “triple threat” who is taking over the music world with his immense talent and enormous skills.

Cutting Edge Domination: from Belgium and the United Kingdom to North America, a superior singer, versatile songwriter, and game-changing musician blazes a hot trail through the music industry.

Beyond The Limits: The versatile and revolutionary musician is a one-man army who defies genre conventions by fusing many musical forms.

“Can We Dance To This” is a Pop/Indie Pop song that never fails to evoke excitement, good feelings, and a vibrant rhythm.

My song #canwedancetothis released today!!! So excited to finally share it with you all. 🙌🏻 #dance #music #summer #love #fyp #artist

♬ Can We Dance To This – Clifford

The excellent track is an energetic, upbeat, and happy pop/indie pop song.

It’s about making a request to someone you’ve never met “yet.”

That being said, this isn’t just any average song; it’s iconic.

After ten seconds, when the interesting and upbeat intro reaches its peak, Clifford comes in and sings with a lot of energy.

The singer then takes the audience on a wild rollercoaster when he says:

“This song is dedicated to someone I’ve never met. This was something I needed to get off my chest. Every night in my bed, I dream of you. My request is in my message to you. Can we dance to this when we first meet? Can we dance to this after our first kiss?”

There is Fire Where There is Smoke: With catchy lyrics, the vocalist will gradually enter the listener’s head.

And before the audience realizes it, the words will become ingrained in their minds.

As a result, it will not be strange if the audience repeats the lyrics from the hit song throughout the day.

Never Miss A Beat: You must listen to the song several times to truly comprehend its tremendous force.

If you want a happy, feel-good track to dance and sing along with, the energetic release “Can We Dance To This” is ideal for you. OUT NOW!!! Only on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

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You can also check our Q&A with Clifford talking about his previous single and why he’s only on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

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