Clifford – “Too Big Too Strong”

This artist looks forward to releasing his true potential in this vibrant & new Electronic Rock single. “Too Big Too Strong” may fall into the minimalistic, but it carries enough punch and attitude to shake you off your knees and feel the groove.


Clifford isn’t new to the blog, in fact as you may know he has already been here three times in the past with his singles Close To Me, Love Is Real and I’m So Bored. As a DIY artist, Clifford writes, produces and mixes all of his music, giving it that “home made” appeal and a warmth charisma to his tracks.

This time, the Westminster, USA, producer aims for self-realization as he delivers a danceable beat with an Electro-Rock attitude. Funky bass lines, snapping drums with a 90’s vibe to it, and crunchy guitars and retro synths create an exciting and enticing atmosphere that gets you up and going for a ride.

Clifford’s vocals are clean yet contagious, there’s a bit of certain luminescence behind them, a special kind of attraction that gifts us with a positive attitude and the notion of proving yourself to nobody else but you. Or as the artist puts it “coming into the light when aspiring towards something”.

“My hope with this song is that the listener feels empowered to rise above any challenges they encounter, whether those challenges are derived from within themselves or from others.” – Clifford

I had a very interesting Q&A with Clifford himself about the struggles of reaching one’s full potential, you can read it only here, in Less Than 1000 F!:

1.- In terms of aspiring towards something, what would you say is the most important thing for you to accomplish right now?

Staying the course and building relationships.

2.- As an artist, what do you think would give you the most satisfaction or feeling of fulfillment?

The feeling of fulfillment redefines itself all the time. At this phase of my career, having an opportunity to work with a label would hopefully move me to the next level and that would be very satisfying.

3.- I’m aware you got out of Spotify recently and only use Bandcamp and Soundcloud, would you care to tell us more about why you took that decision?

I like Bandcamp because it offers high quality streaming as well as downloading for a small payment. I like SoundCloud because my music can be heard by anyone in the world without having to pay. Both allow the artist and listeners an opportunity to interact as well.

4.- What’s a message you’d like to send out to any producer/musician out there struggling with the day to day challenges of the musical path?

I think my main message would be to believe in the content you’re creating. It’s funny because this is really what “Too Big Too Strong” is all about. The feeling of being small and in the dark is one I feel as an unknown artist, but what I hold on to is that music has a power beyond human understanding.

5.- Anything else you’d like to add.

“Too Big Too Strong” was designed for walking with confidence. So walk tall, be strong, and be courageous.

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