Clifford- “Close to Me”

Clifford newest release “Close to Me” is a funky house pop single that pumps up our blood and makes us want to dance. It is a single that infects us with its high energy from which we cannot escape!

Clifford is an American singer-songwriter whose previous hits include  “Love Is Real” and “I’m So Bored”. Building his sound with synths and carefree vocals, Clifford has shown he can handle a range of genres that include acoustic pop rock and dark trip-hop. The only thing we can expect for sure about him is his willingness to expand and experiment with his sound. And when he does so, he is serious about it. By using the same tools as before (and expanding them), he can offer a completly new experience. With “Close to Me”, he shows how varied his arsenal is by tackling one more genre: house. The result is a track that is different from all of his previous work, and yet carries with the characteristic Clifford seal of quality.

“Close to Me” immerses the listener at a nightclub. Its hard hitting beats and synths guarantee that they will feel the need to stand up and dance until they cannot feel their legs no more, as the lyrics suggests. It is an hypnotizing track whose catchy chorus allows us for the single to accompany us for the rest of the day as we suddenly find ourselves singing along. Its synths tie together the track by giving it a tint of personality which explodes to the very end. Clifford is able to transmit his charisma through his vocals alone.

Each new release by Clifford varies from one another. With each one, he is able to capture various aspects of his personality in his sound. “Close to Me” is proof that this approach is apt for exploring an everexpanding sound. Give it a listen!

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