Hell on Earth: “Hollow” by Harpa

Harpa strips naked, and without fear in showing her most vulnerable side, pour her deepest feelings in her newest track.

The radioactive single called Hollow unleashes powerful and dangerous emotions similar to a bomb exploding in the heart.

For people with trust issues, the dark and twisted song will force them to drop their masks.

And it will push them to look in the mirror to face the ugly and extreme pain inflicted by a past lover.

“Hollow” is about the cost of loving with your entire being… the anguish of feeling yourself falling again, knowing the price you will have to pay, and being helpless, unable to stop yourself.It’s about a vicious cycle of pouring yourself into someone, leaving yourself empty, and somehow finding the will to do it all over again.“Hollow” asks, “if this is the cost of love, or at least loving in the only way I know, how do I want to feel at all?”It longs for the tranquility of being unable to love.

Music wise – her sound – is somewhere between Adele’s heartfelt and Evanescence’s rock Power.

I think she manages to combine rather operatic, powerful vocals with both orchestral and rock elements.

And she tells quite an in-depth tale through her songs while keeping it catchy and memorable.

It’s a unique mix, but it works.

The beautiful yet intensely painful song opens with a drop-dead gorgeous intro.

While the lovely opening sets the tone for the rest of the tune, it comes to a crashing end at 13 seconds.

Following that, Harpa makes a grand, head-turning entrance when she appears on the track.

With a star-making vocal performance, she creates complete chaos through the soul-crushing lyrics.

The singer stops the listener dead in their tracks with armor-piercing words, making it impossible for them to focus on anything else.

Harpa’s razor-sharp vocals also cut deep into the heart of the audience like open-heart surgery.

That said, the recording artist fits perfectly into the magnificent music production.

After playing the single, you will realize that it is one of the year’s best songs.

A wonderful production, excellently written, and a moving performance make “Hollow” remarkable.

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