“TIGRESS” by Nemesis

This month, recording artist Nemesis released her latest single, TIGRESS.

And the artist who achieved chart-topping success with “INNOV8” earlier this year is back with a new tune.

In the previous decade, the North American-based rapper also released “Nefertiti the First” on streaming services in 2018.

Now, Nemesis is the one who is responsible for writing and arranging TIGRESS and you can enjoy the lyric video here:

The June release was produced by Oh No the Disrupt.

Released on June 17th, 2022, this tune continues to demonstrate why Nemesis possesses an apex predator’s lyrical and spiritual qualities.

Nemesis latest single INNOV8! charted #1 on the Rapattacklive College Radio chart!

Beyond that, the music she makes provides a creative understanding of how Nemesis can empower herself and other courageous individuals to accept the truth about who they are and celebrate it.

TIGRESS opens with a music-only intro that lasts for five seconds before the recording artist appears.

At the six-second mark, the North American artist enters the track with lyrics.

“The mighty tigress/No not a lion/which hunts in packs/but a lone huntress/Calculating strategies/To devour any available prey.”

Following that, the beat/drums drop on the track.

At the same time, Nemesis continues to provide lyrics.

“The hungry tigress with ravaging capabilities/Unlocking the pineal power pushing possibilities/Surveying mental jungles/As the earth meets my paws/Running two ops at once on the hunt and outlaws/Raising truth to pedestals, encasing subconscious/I sweat knowledge/making these simpletons feel nauseous/Scavengers for sport often not very cautious/So I ambush from areas/Hidden to their own conscience.”

Next, the West Coast artist changes her vocal style and delivery on the song’s chorus.

Unlike other tunes, the track title is only mentioned twice in the chorus.

And at 2:22, the drums suddenly disappear while Nemesis continues to rap.

However, twenty-two seconds later, the drums reappear on the single.

At 3:39, TIGRESS starts to fade out.

That said, the song ends 12 seconds later.
To experience TIGRESS for yourself, you can listen to it on streaming services right now

Previous singles “Nefertiti the First” and “Tigress” charted #1 and #2 respectively on RapAttackLives.com college radio hip hop chart

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