Never Bite Your Tongue: Honestly, by Mazyn

After murdering the rap game last year, beat-killing artist Mazyn returns with a razor-sharp new release.

Honestly,” an authentic and unapologetic single, cuts through the noise and stands out.

The Egyptian Canadian hip hop artist continues to excite his fans across the globe with his remarkable talent.

His powerful rise in music began in college, where he transformed overwhelming stress into massive musical influence.

Fast-forward a year later, and Mazyn received tremendous praise and huge accolades, including music award nominations.

Following that, he received unprecedented music coverage on this blog for “Already Made It.”

Mazyn now returns with an exceptional, breakthrough track called “Honestly.”

For those unfamiliar with the artist’s exciting and compelling new song, this review will answer all of your questions.

“Honestly” begins with a fantastic music intro that is too hot to ignore.

At 15 seconds, highly catchy lyrics appear on the track.

“Losin’ focus/All for me/Do it often/All for me/Yeah yeah/Runnin’ wild/Feelin’ free/I don’t mind/Honestly/Yeah/Honestly/Honestly/Ohhh
(Overthinking nightly)/Honestly/Honestly/Toss and turn in my sleep(Toss
and turn in my sleep).”

In the verse, the artist gives the beat a smack down like the WWE.

“Freeing my mind from the bullshit/Turning my demons to corpses/Pushin’ that shit to the side/Just like I did to my old bitch/I remember it was cold times/Now I push a whip and it’s solar/And they see me tryna go far/They don’t bear it now no polar/You keep talkin’ all that nonsense/Wana wala fi bali/I can’t get lost in
(I can’t get lost in this)/I’m preoccupied/I’m freeing my mind/I can hear voices Inside of my head/Saying I’m hopeless and prideful as hell/I cannot lie though I think that it’s true/I’m too busy loving myself over you.”

Next, Mazyn crushes the music production when he raps in Arabic.

At the end of the song, he leaves the audience speechless because he delivers another killer performance.

“This track is my clean slate to myself as I finally feel completely honest and transparent in the art I’m choosing to show the world. Through it, I fully accept who I am as a person, and I know I’ll always have these battles within myself but I can only move on when I fully accept who I really am. I hope this track helps anyone out there dealing with the same issues, whether it being identity issues, mental health, or
any sort of chaos the mind can bring. For without self-acceptance, one can’t achieve their true full potential.”


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