Hell on Earth: “Hollow” by Harpa

"Hollow” by Harpa is about the cost of loving with your entire being… the anguish of feeling yourself falling again, knowing the price you will have to pay, and being helpless, unable to stop yourself.It’s about a vicious cycle of pouring yourself into someone, leaving yourself empty, and somehow finding the will to do it all over again.

Welcome to the jungle: “Games” by Sharl  

Are you totally exhausted from the mind games and the endless bravado of dating? Then Sharl's bright, hyperpop single, bursting with the energy of Nintendo tones, is perfect for you. Sharl, the hot music goddess from Melbourne, Australia, has released "Games" globally. Make no mistake, the Australian singer-songwriter is a fantastic force of nature in... Continue Reading →

Bold Naked Energy: “Transcendental” by Sdar Lotus

The best way to describe the single is to say “Transcendental” is a melodic creation based on combining two beautiful Heart Chakra Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls to create a mind and chakra balancing shimmer that not only vibrates at the frequency of love, DNA, and cellular repair (528hz), but also at the frequency of the universe, or “heartbeat of the earth” (432hz).

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