The New Fatal Attraction: “Too Close” by Gemïny

Put the kids to bed, grab some hot buttered popcorn and a drink because Gemïny’s new song is a nail biter.

Emerging from the depths of pop-soul, “Too Close” is totally dominated by nostalgic and exceptional R&B vocals.

Erupting from a haunting vocal composition, the knockout release exposes a tragic end to a dark and twisted relationship.

Brilliantly written after a troubled relationship ended, “Too Close” lets you know about the drama-filled nightmare the singer faced.

Beyond that, “Too Close” is an engaging song about how a one-sided love affair can lead to bad and violent situations.

Gemïny and Joshua Florez worked on the incredible production to invoke a theatrical and chilling performance led by the superb vocals.

Synthesizing various genres from R&B to rock and pop, the unlimited range commandeered the vocals and led the track to 2k+ monthly listeners upon release.

Vocally, you may hear rock (from Haley Williams) and baritone (from Frank Sinatra) influences in the single.

His music aims to push as much experimentation as possible while remaining in a comfortable space in the listener’s ears and keeping a unique blend of mainstream and experimental works.

The excellent track opens with a music-only intro.

However, it only lasts two seconds before Gemïny appears on the single.

Following that, the extraordinary singer appears on the crossover track with lyrics smoother than chocolate frosting.

The super talented vocalist takes the audience on a non-stop ride in the first minute before the music production switches at 0:59 to 1:06.

As the fantastic tune progresses, the vocal performance elevates the music production to an epic level at 1:37.

When the song ends, the lyrics get stuck in the listener’s head.

Before listening, be warned that the lyrics and the singer’s voice will stay on your mind for days after streaming the latest release.

There is only one song like “Too Close.”

And although it was released recently, it is one of the most compelling songs of the year.

 I’d say my music is aiming to push as much experimentation as it can while still remaining in a comfortable space in their ears to keep it a unique blend between mainstream and experimental that just works.


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