Red Hot, Right Now: Alexander Grandjean – “Will You Still Be There”

In the crosshairs: Alexander Grandjean’s new single kills and blows the audience away.

You can run and hide like a prisoner trying to avoid the U.S. Marshals.

But you can’t get away from the killer smooth single titled “Will You Still Be There.”

That said, you’re about to hear an outstanding song by Alexander Grandjean.

Beyond that, the supreme tune will take you on an exciting journey.

So, buckle up and get ready to ride on an emotional roller coaster.

Will You Still Be There” starts with an 18-second introduction.
For the first five seconds of the song, it sounds one way.

But it changes when other sounds creep in, like a secret admirer slipping into your direct messages to tell you they like you.

At the 18-second mark, the singer makes a big entrance into the song.

Plus, Alexander Grandjean gives a world-class performance and has a voice that is as smooth as butter.

The fantastic vocals also go well with the music production; like pouring warm dark chocolate over fresh strawberries.

And that’s just in the first minute of the track.

Next, the thought-provoking lyrics will hit you emotionally like a wrecking ball because they will touch your soul.

And later, While you are enjoying the singer’s unique voice, they suddenly leave, making you think that someone has taken the singer hostage.

But don’t get too worried and call the FBI just yet. He does come back, but only for a short time.

At 3:31, the song starts to fade out until it stops.

Now, the question to ask is, why are you listening to boring tunes when you could stream Alexander Grandjean’s new single, which sounds insanely awesome?

Stream “Will You Still Be There” because it’s such a great tune that might be part of your favorites this year.

So, take your shoes off and loosen your tie because Alexander Grandjean’s newest song will rock the house.

So, turn up the volume to the highest setting.

Because you will hear a single, you’ll want to stream all day long. Stream NOW “Will You Still Be There.”

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