Natalie Rogers – Full Body

Imagine the sun breaking through the clouds and shining through your bedroom window early in the morning to awaken you.

After sitting up on the mattress, you proceed to the bathroom to brush your teeth and take a shower.

As you leave the house to go to work, you receive a smartphone notification from your favorite streaming service recommending the latest release by Natalie Rogers.

Full Body Out Now!!!

Photo credits please: Gary Dotterweich

My hope for my listeners is to have my music make them feel ANY thing: sadness, happiness, reflection. I just want my music to make a sonic “impact”.

Natalie Rogers

You enter your vehicle and connect your phone to the audio system.
And you press play to listen to “Full Body” on your way to work.

Next, you arrive at work on time, but you are still late because you kept playing the song in the employee parking lot multiple times.

After walking in and apologizing for your tardiness, you log in to your work computer.

But instead of working, you plug in your headphones and sneak another listen to “Full Body.”

Then, your nosy co-worker inquires about the song you were listening to because you had the volume turned up to the maximum level.

And you provide the following track-related information:

The sizzling hot song begins with an unforgettable intro.

Following that, the sensational singer and drums enter at the 15-second mark.

When the captivating singer appears in the upbeat track, she does not hesitate to say what she wants through the provocative lyrics.

The fantastic recording artist makes her point known quickly in the high-energy dance track.

It is essential to note that the flawless singer has a gorgeous and mesmerizing voice that will give the listener goosebumps.

Beyond that, It should not be surprising to see men singing along to the song because it is so catchy.

Stream “Full Body” by Natalie Rogers immediately if you want a hot and impressive dance track!!!

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