Bold Naked Energy: “Transcendental” by Sdar Lotus

Do you crave unspeakable joy, soothing peace, and intense happiness?

The secret to all three is hidden deeply in the bold release by Sdar Lotus.

And yes, you can have it all by streaming “Transcendental” here.

For starters, the earthy, spacious single will help you to unblock, strip away, and release the things holding you back in life.

So, press play, close your eyes, and allow the song’s pulsating power to penetrate your mind, body, and naked soul.

To go deeper, the best way to describe the single is to say “Transcendental” is a melodic creation based on combining two beautiful Heart Chakra Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls to create a mind and chakra balancing shimmer that not only vibrates at the frequency of love, DNA, and cellular repair (528hz), but also at the frequency of the universe, or “heartbeat of the earth” (432hz).

Layered with vocal toning, rainstick, and deep vibrating bass (you’re going to want to listen to this on a good speaker), it will take you on a journey within.

This song was not composed but rather flowed in a single fluid take, raw and organic.

The first thing you notice while streaming “Transcendental” is the inspiring words at the beginning of the track.

I am Sdar Lotus/I am earth and space/I am all.

And then the beautiful voice disappears.

However, it returns after the drums drop on the track at the 26-second mark.

Next, the gorgeous vocals by Sdar Lotus fall on your ears like glitter from the sky.

The stimulating vocals and energetic words will touch your heart in jaw-dropping music production.

And instantly, you will feel like you have been transported to another dimension.

The track’s awesome vibe will remove anything that is preventing you from loving freely.

Beyond that, your body will also feel differently after streaming “Transcendental.”

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