The Diamond Voice: Cicci Landén “Need To Run”

Sensational Swedish powerhouse Cicci Landén is back with a new single that will shock the world again.

The singer, musician, and songwriter is famous for songs like “I Wanna Drive Down Sunset Blvd,” “A Place to Fall,” “My Kind of Town,” “I See You,” “Let Me Carry You,” “The Woman You Loved,” “Stains on Our Hearts,” “Made It Home,” and “What Do You Feel.”

Beyond that, her other tune “Over Again” was previously covered by this blog.

The Swedish triple-threat from the south who combines country, blues, and singer/songwriter music with a lot of soul to make Americana music is back with “Need To Run.”

So, if you liked the personal stories and beautiful vocal melodies in her other music, you’ll love the latest track.

Cicci Landén’s new song “Need To Run,” which is produced by Amir Aly, is a summary of how she has felt over the past two years.

It talks about how everything fell apart, but how the glow, her will, and her love of music and life have kept her going.

As with all of Cicci’s music, this single has beautiful lyrics that are both emotional and strong.

The track “Need to Run” starts with a 10-second intro with no vocals.

Also, there are no drums, but not for long.

Because at two seconds, they come in like a lion roaring.

And when the song’s beginning reaches its final peak, Cicci Landén comes in with a bang.

The singer’s voice is fantastic, and the lyrics take the listener on a beautiful journey.

When you think the tune can’t get any better, the Swedish music star’s outstanding vocal performance in the chorus takes it to a new level.

As the song goes on, you will love Cicci Landén’s unique voice more and more.

And before you know it, you’ll be able to sing the words to the chorus without a lyric sheet.

The next thing that happens is that the music starts to fade, and you realize that the tune isn’t long enough.

In the end, you’ll press the play button again so you can hear “Need To Run.”

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