End of Days: “Armour” by HKG

Hurry! Call the U.S. Marines because there is a killer monster on the loose.

Armour” is its name, and HKG unleashed it on the world on May 27th.

Las Vegas, often called Sin City or the City of Sin, now has a monster single bigger than Godzilla.

The first release after his debut single Say Something back in 2020 (almost 80K streams only on Spotify) by Las Vegas-based artist HKG through Sony/Orchard distribution under the joint venture “Psychotronic Records” is out on the streets.

Yes, the rising alternative/electronica star is to blame.

“The lyrics and feeling of the song had to do with the fleeting aspects of relationships falling apart while still trying to hold onto the good times.”


He is not, however, alone in this. This is due to the fact that Jake Magness (who has worked with the Chainsmokers, Halsey, and Machine Gun Kelly) also mixed and co-produced the song.

HKG’s single “Armour” is an atmospheric and synth-heavy single with pumping drums and deep lyrics about the emotional pain of a relationship falling apart.

This is his first solo release, and he has two more releases planned for the next few months before he drops his EP in late summer/early fall.

“Armour” begins with one of music’s best cinematic intros.
And it lasts a whopping 14 seconds.

Following the epic beginning, the singer enters the track like a conquering hero and quickly establishes their presence.

The drums then appear at 46 seconds, hitting harder than King Kong beating his chest.

With a music production so epic that it could wake the dead, the vocalist takes charge and rules with an iconic vocal performance.

HKG is a master at making the song cry like a tearjerker with emotionally charged lyrics.

By the end, you can feel the painful emotions flowing through the track like rivers of blood.

If you want to hear a great single with ground-shaking music, superb vocals, and lyrics that will break your heart like shattered glass, then you have only one option.

And that is to stream “Armour” right now.

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