Extreme Tropical Heat: “Fire” by Hannah Dorman

FIRE IS OUT NOW!!! so get ready for pure musical hotness because we’re about to discuss singer-songwriter Hannah Dorman’s perfect and impossible-to-ignore single that just drops today.

From the moment you press play, your ears will melt from the artist’s luscious performance on “Fire.”

You are about to witness musical heaven with beautiful lyrics co-written with Irish pop singer-songwriter Ivon Roberts (who has 2.7 million Spotify streams).

That said, the awesome track was also incredibly produced by Sam Ray (of the synth-pop duo Friday Night Firefight).

And Hannah Dorman’s vocals are breathtaking in every way.

That said, you will struggle to find another artist that can compete at Hannah Dorman’s level.

Play “Fire,” and you will feel like the vocalist can do anything.

Plus, you will become addicted to Hannah Dorman’s delicious voice after playing the tune multiple times.

Without question, what really makes “Fire” great is the surprising talents of the artist.

Hannah Dorman is a singer-songwriter and content creator with a gorgeous voice that hits all the right notes flawlessly.

This pleasurable woman deserves all the recognition she is getting.

Previously, Hannah Dorman has been featured on this blog for her single “Fake Heartache.”

And she is also building a beautiful online presence with over 345,000 followers on TikTok.

Forget about listening to songs that are predictable and below-average.

Because you deserve more.

And the fresh-out-of-the-box release by Hannah Dorman will give you something better than what you are streaming currently.

Out Now!!! And prepare to go on an unforgettable journey with jaw-dropping vocals, hot lyrics, and fantastic music.

Beyond that, the stunning tropical single offers you the endless talent of Hannah Dorman.

This summer, you can do whatever you like.

But you are wasting your time if you do not play “Fire” when it drops next Friday.

I wrote this song with a good friend and fellow singer songwriter Ivon Roberts. We met at an audition for Little Mix: The Search back in late 2019. Ivon was based in Ireland at the time and planned to come to the UK to collaborate in March 2020, but we all know what happened in March 2020! Then in August 2021 we got together to start working on a project together and picked up again early 2022. The three of us haven’t stopped writing and working on music together and it’s been incredible to work with such talented individuals. “Fire” isn’t the first track we worked on together but it’s the first we’re releasing.

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