Sizzling Hot Summer: “One Plus One” by Alex Kate

Are you looking for an average tune?

Sorry, you have picked the wrong song.

That’s because the extraordinary release by Alex Kate is a masterclass in exceptionalism.

Go big or go home must have been the motivation pushing the artist to create this track because “One Plus One” sounds spectacular.

The Conversation That Changed Everything

Say hello to insane creativity: Alex Kate used a conversation with Heather Crawford to kick off the summer with a red-hot single.

In thinking outside the box, Alex Kate co-wrote “One Plus One” with the fabulous Heather Crawford, who some may know as Jessie Reyez’s guitarist, and is currently on tour with Billie Eilish.

Together, the two wanted to precisely recreate a romantic summer feeling that everyone could relate to and never forget.

Both were fully committed to crafting a mega single that would stay in the audience’s mind hours after hearing it.

For this level of greatness to be achieved, it had to start with one crucial question that would change everything.

So the beautifully talented Alex Kate asked Heather Crawford to describe her childhood summers, and she explained that she would spend them at a lake near her house in Toronto. 

There she met her first crush, and she told her how they felt like the only people in the world. 

It was like “One Plus One,” the only math equation you need when you are in love.

Alex’s next genius move was to work with supreme music producer Jorgan Manke.

So, what you end up with is arguably one of the biggest love stories of the summer.

Grab your headphones and play the gorgeous new release by Alex Kate.

The final question is, “Are you ready to fall head over heels in love with One Plus One?”

With perfect timing, Alex Kate releases a hot single during one of the year’s hottest months.

That being said, consider yourself fortunate to be able to stream “One Plus One” because you will not find another like it.

This track is not about trivial things like counting money, or other pointless things.

One Plus One” is about the only thing that matters in life, and that is love.

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