The Gladiator Composer: Ringo Harrison – “Far From Home” 

Ringo Harrison, a one-person wrecking crew with an uncontrollable appetite for creating ferocious hot music, is back.  

He goes completely insane and jumps off the cliff with a crazy release that is hotter than hot.  

Bow down and kiss his ring because Far From Home will bring you to your knees.  

All Hail, Ringo Harrison 

Musically, his origin began in 2009 when he started writing unique music.  

At the time, Ringo Harrison had a very limited understanding of how to play any instruments.  

But he soon started learning.  

And Ringo Harrison also started recording jam sessions with his friends.  

He knew he wanted to write and record music for the rest of his life.  

He has been composing as a hobby.  

But he wants to get his music in front of more people and hopefully make some connections and turn his hobby into a career.  

The massive and energetic track opens with one of the most epic intros ever created.   

And it lasts for 14 seconds before the pulse-pounding beat drops and wreaks havoc.  

Grab Your Heart Medicine  

After the heart-stopping drums grab the listener like a police chokehold, the Gladiator Composer takes the audience down a clear path.  

Held For Ransom  

Now the infectious guitar sound that was played in the opening disappears.  

Back With a Vengeance

But before you start a protest, like Occupy Wall Street, the guitar sound comes back like a shotgun blast seven seconds later.  

Before you know it, the innovative composer switches things up in the track to keep you on your toes. 

The Killer Blow:

By the end, the brilliant music production will make your eardrums dance like Michael Jackson doing a moonwalk.  

Also, any track he makes in the future will sound just as unique and surprising as “Far From Home.”  

You can stream it now.  

The individual instruments are playing their respective parts, but I wanted the listener to move between snippets of those parts without really noticing.

Ringo Harrison

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