Presley Duyck – “My Someone”

My Someone” is the fifth release by American indie singer-songwriter Presley Duyck.

Chris Garcia produced it, with guitar by Nick Lashley.

She wrote the song after listening to stories about loved ones going off to war back in 2021.

“So the song acknowledges that someone can disappoint you or make you upset with their decisions, but you absolutely still love them. And you continue to hope they are safe. The song is about love and longing. Hope and fear! I was thinking of what it must feel like when your spouse signs up for the military and must go off to war… how hard that must be for the person waiting at home for their someone.”

Presley Duyck

Beyond that, Presley Duyck is a Dallas-based singer and songwriter.

Even before she could talk, she began to sing.
She is a talented songwriter with a viewpoint that is much beyond her years. Her songs are mesmerizing, and she has a timeless voice to carry them off.

She has a unique way of using wit and comedy to show how complicated human emotions are when she writes about them.

“My Someone” opens with guitar playing by Nick Lashley.

Strangely, the drums are held back at the start of the song.

However, before you know it, they drop on the track at the 3-second mark.

Following that, you will hear vocals on the single.

Next, the music changes slightly when Presley Duyck appears with lyrics.

She then expresses the words in her own way.

The singer-songwriter shows the audience that her singing voice has range.

She accomplishes this by making certain words stand out by holding notes for longer periods of time.

As the track progresses, her voice goes absent to allow key instruments/sounds to take center stage at various points.

Later, the tune starts to fade out at 3:41.

You can listen to “My Someone” right now.

My future plans – I have 2 more songs ready to release and about 6-7 songs on various stages of creation. I hope to get back into the studio later this year if time permits.

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