Presley Duyck “Cold Together”

The world can be a cold and heartless place, which is especially true when you wear a heavy burden. One of such burdens is addiction. Presley Duyck’s newest song “Cold Together” looks to bring a little bit of light and comfort to the world of those among us who battle their addictions.

Presley Duyck is a Dallas-based singer-songwriter creating music with a strong vein of indie rock. That musician and performer inkling was apparent from early on – in kindergarten she tried to form a band “The Everyday Heartbreakers”, which only stalled because none of that group of friends knew how to play any instruments. That little incident didn’t stop her from the path of becoming an artist, and now she’s a singer with a sweet voice, writing music with a timeless edge. She debuted in 2021 with nostalgic “Passenger Seat“, followed by dreamy “Juliet” and warm-hearted “Happy 22!“. Now, she is back with a new song!

Starting with calm vibrant guitar strumming and the words “I’m not going anywhere”, the single “Cold Together” makes its message clear from the beginning. This hug of a song was born at the time when a friend of the artist fought with addiction, and the song brings attention to the cold dark world an addicted person finds themselves in. By doing so, the single inspires by showing the caring and warm side to the person in need, manifesting as someone staying around and holding the hand. “Let’s be cold together” is a heartwarming line that marks the song’s chorus and the power of a friend whose warmth could melt the ice. Ultimately, it’s a song of friendship and care that can blow away the coldness, and it’s also a really sweet indie-rock tune.

Tackling the causes and looking forward to bringing more sunshine to people’s lives, Presley Duyck is donating a portion of proceeds from this song to an organization she believes in.

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