Craig Gould “Burned”

Craig Gould is back with his newest single, a party anthem titled “Burned“. The British artist has made his name with sweet soulful Americana flavored folk, and he tells stories in the most captivating way using clever metaphors and his own experiences. As a strong-voiced advocate for mental health awareness, his songs touch the themes of mental health beautifully. His new single however invites us to your favourite bar and have a jolly good time with friends!

I wrote Burned as a bit of fun, a commentary on life, and an anthem to sing along with. The last two singles focused heavily on my mental health journey, and thats ok, I just wanted the third release to focus purely on fun and that feeling of community and shared spirit.

Craig Gould

The summery bop opens up its warm atmosphere with a thumping beat, rhythmic melodies, and joyful singing. It sounds every bit as awesome as a party full of great vibes on a warm summer evening can be. One can imagine that mouthwatering smell of barbecue combined with the oozing scent of ale, and the laughter and the dancing. Just a wonderful party song full of epic key shifts to elevate the already high mood even further.

After the obvious issues with the last couple of years its great to be able to celebrate that feeling of togetherness, and “Burned” is the sort of song you can imagine singing along with, in the pub with your mates, arm in arm, letting yourself enjoy the moment. I’m really proud with how it’s turned out!

Craig Gould

“Burned” is the third and final single from Craig’s upcoming album “Songs From The Campfire” which will see its release over the summer/autumn time. His previous singles both tell a story based on mental health, inspired by the artist’s own experiences and struggles. In “Captain of the Seas“, he was a sailor once lost at the metaphorical stormy sea with no sight of land. Fallen under a strict hand of a captain representing mental illnesses, it seemed there will never be an escape. In contrast to that, his debut “Ain’t No Place to Hide” is a considerably softer and more introductory story, whilst also calling out people standing idly by to help out those in need – acts of help and compassion will help making the world a better place.

To further support mental health, Craig Gould will also donate all profits coming from his singles to CALM, a charity he is closely working with. I’m glad to see it has been going well, as so far the artist has raised £500 to aid funding mental health care in the UK. If you have some spare cash and wish to contribute to something great, Craig has opened a crowdfund, and every bit will help make a change!

He’s currently on tour around the UK, with my next dates being:

  • London May 19th
  • Coventry May 27th
  • Leeds May 28th
  • Manchester June 10th
  • Birmingham June 22nd

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