Andrew Michael Meador- “Just Too Late”

Today’s featured single is a catchy track that invites us to dance! “Just Too Late” by American singer-songwriter Andrew Michael Meador plays around its various instruments to offer an upbeat track with a driving beat, a funky bass, a powerful brass section and a crazy saxophone. Alongside all of this, Andrew writes and sings thought-provoking lyrics. “Just Too Late” proves to be a special track.

Andrew Michael Meador is based on Tennessee, United States of America. His EP “PRIDE” serves as an introduction for those who are searching for an artist that does not go after trends. His sound and lyrics reflect about the current situation of his life living in the US’s current climate. In other words, his music offer his own perspective of the world, making it extremely personal. One can hear about this in “Just Too Late”, just how much thought went into it during its composing. It was almost entirely recorded by Andrew, who played all the instruments except the saxophone.

I loved composing this song, wrote all the parts, and played everything except the saxophone. The lyrics were the most important facet to me because I wanted to say what was on my mind and I was able to process a lot of what I have been experiencing lately as a citizen of the United States. I feel that if people are truly able to band together, then we could begin to resolve the discrepancies that plague the human experience; but, as it is, we are left craving justice in a cafeteria with a broken oven. -Andrew Michael Meador

Listening to “Just Too Late” is a complete experience. Once it begins, it never stops. It just gets crazier and crazier. The bass and the beat drive the music forward with their licks that reminds us of 90’s hip hop tracks. The intensity of each instrument begins building up until it reaches its peak with the crazy saxophone solo. By this moment we have already gone all out. The lyrics reflect the moment a personal reflection from Andrew Michael Meador. While extremely personal and intimate, we are able to relate to what he has to say. And yet, “Just Too Late” never loses its characteristic beat in any shape of form.

If you are in a mood to dance and think about society, “Just Too Late” by Andrew Michael Meador is just the track for you!

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