Daniel McDonagh- “Country Turning”

Today’s featured single is inspired by faith, loneliness and the writings of Bruce Chatwin. Daniel McDonagh newest single “Country Turning” takes us on a spiritual voyage through mystic lands filled dream-like images and soundscapes that takes us right to the stars and beyond. A track about finding oneself, in a spiritual sense.

Daniel McDonagh is an American singer-songwriter. Inspired by the likes of The Beatles, R.E.M. and Neil Young, he has been performing since 2012. His music is full of introspection, of mystical and surreal images painted only rivaled by the magical sounds we can hear in his music. “Country Turning” was composed, recorded and mastered during lockdown. It is the first single of McDonagh’s upcoming album At Dusk My Heart. It was recorded at Squarehead Studios by Rob Wilks of Foals and Florence and the Machine fame

My song is about the tumultuous political upheavals of recent years strengthening ones faith. Or perhaps for some weakening it. It isn’t obvious that I am a Christian from listening to the song but I am. The writings of travel writer Bruce Chatwin inspired the first imagery. Being alone in a wilderness also worked as a religious/spiritual metaphor for exploring faith, the dark night of the soul in mystical terms, and then seeing the world anew. The country turning alludes to change. Whatever that is in an earthly sense (who knows?) but also in a spiritual sense. Daniel McDonagh

“Country Turning” is about finding oneself after an era of tumultuous events. As such, it is a track based on spirituality through a mystical lense. McDonagh fills his lyrics with magical images that represent the depths of humanity itself. It reflects in certain sense the mysteries that the world and our own psyche hide in their inner cores. As the darkness of the night, the music engulfs us in its soundscape, inviting us to hear what it has to say and what we can say to ourselves. “Country Turning” takes us through a voyage as if we were driving in a desert through the night. In a metaphorical way, it is a journey of introspection.

It is rare to hear an artist that embraces spirituality as Daniel McDonagh does. “Country Turning” represents finding chage in what surrounds us and in ourselves.

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