The Parlophonics- “Heaven Can Wait”

Today’s featured single is a rock ballad with a sweet nostalgic melody coming straight from The Parlopohnics. “Heaven Can Wait” inagurates the a new era as the band’s lead single in their upcoming album. A track that features an all star cast of musicians, with complex yet calm vocal harmonies and guitars solos that drive the band into exciting new directions.

After the release and critical acclaim of their album A Day in The Life last year, as well as the momentum they have been building up since then,The Parlophonics went straight back to the studio to write new material. After months of work they came up with “Heaven Can Wait” a single that quickly shows just how much substance the band can be capable of when it comes to songwriting. But for a single of this strenght, one must have a recruit an all star cast. “Heaven Can Wait” features the talent of Denny Seiwell, of Billy Joel and Wings fame, on the drums!

“Heaven Can Wait” is a charming single that plays with the convention of pop rock and takes it to new directions. Their guitars are all playful in the way they interact with the vocals. They compliment each other as if they were having a conversation. The vocals harmonies create an exciting atmosphere that relies on creating a sweet sensation in the listener that drives us into a zen-like state. All while the vocals sing a metaphorical reflection about time and the future.

The Parlophonics make a first step into a new direction with “Heaven Can Wait“. If you are an old fan or a new fan, it is a single that excites us for their new album and future releases. Do not miss it !

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