A hybrid between Rush, Jefferson Airplane and Lindsey Stirling. This Nashville, Tennessee group delivers a full Rock & Roll experience in their brand new single “Tell Them I’m Insane” by Gentry Blue, a track that not only takes us back to classic psychedelic rock, but also brings up fresh grooves to the genre. Listen now!


My friends! It’s a pleasure to have you back here once again. Today, we will time-travel to a Rock N’ Roll era, where analog equipment was king, and guitars the only god. Gentry Blue, a quartet of misfit rockers are presenting their newest single, and it is a hell of a banger.

Created in 2018 by Lydia Gentry on vocals and electric violin, Brendan DeBonis on guitar, Will Gibson on bass, and Kaleb Kinyon on drums, this American band stays true to its roots as they seek to reflect the rock and roll aesthetics of this constantly changing world.

I’ve gotta say, it’s been a while since I heard some really powerful female vocals, al least in the Rock & Roll genre, and I was blown away by the powerhouse vocals of Lydia. SUPER dope style, and with hell of attitude. Must be a treat to see them live. And of course, the guys are top-notch musicians. Amazing delivery and performance!

Everyone loves a good villain song, no matter how evil they might be, but we wanted to write a catchy song that everyone can sing along to and love. It was written almost a year ago exactly by our guitarist, Brendan DeBonis for a lyric writing class and is inspired by a true story (unfortunately, regarding the circumstance of the story).” – Gentry Blue

Tell Them I’m Insane” is a bit of a thriller, or a horror story. That is at least towards the lyrics, as they tell the story of a woman who murders her family, and when being judged she pleads insanity! All part of her evil plan! Musically though, the energy is much different.

It’s a vibrant, vintage-styled rock and roll track that makes us remember the power and totality of Rock music. Warm, attractive and with a super professional production by Grammy-winning producer Mitch Dane. It is truly a master piece and deserves to be listened to every once in a while! So add it to your playlist!

You can check out Gentry Blue’s previous release right here: Pyrite and Steel.

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