Faded Shades pure bliss on new single “Waiting On Tomorrow”

Looking for a heavy dose of style, groove, and nostalgia? Seek no more! Faded Shades is here to cover all of your guitar music necessities with their brand-new single “Waiting On Tomorrow“.

This relatively new trio from Swanley, UK has brought to our attention a pretty neat Indie Rock track. With a sound reminiscent of Oasis mixed with Tom Petty, Faded Shades is a promising music experience that you’d better put an eye on.

“Waiting on Tomorrow” is pure bliss, with a clean guitar intro and welcoming vocals that rapidly explode into a wall of sound of guitars, drums, and bass. The vocal work is really charming and fresh, the melodies are simple and effective. The complete ambience is one of hope blended with self-doubt, that sweet/sour contrast that’s perfect for a Friday night, or just looking ahead towards the future wherever you are.

Created by Joe (guitar & vocals), Charlie (drums), and Liam (bass), Faded Shades writes about nights out, relationship breakdowns, and occasion triumphs heavily influenced by the scene that spawned them. Thanks to this, the trio has garnered a full entourage of fans and packed-out shows all over London. Also, their self-produced, self-released debut album has had more than 100k streams.

Faded Shades "Waiting on Tomorrow"

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