Arlando Mba “Sweet Child Of Mine”

Losing a close family member is one of the hardest and most heartbreaking things to cope with. The artist of this writeup knows this, and thus I am glad to introduce this young brilliant artist and her debut single, a touching song based on all of that grief. Read on to learn more!

Arlando Mba, hailing from Los Angeles, is a college student and a fresh singer-songwriter. Her passion for singing was apparent even when she was uncertain about that path, but with the loving support of her mom, she got closer to her dreams. Sadly though, her mom was diagnosed with cancer. Seeing her mom’s health deteriorate was a hard hit to her, and she ended up couch surfing and almost dropping out of school, in addition to ending up in Santa Fe, where she visited the local trauma center. But the artist made it safely back home and started writing the song after her mom died. At that time she didn’t yet know she will sing it on her mom’s funeral. Her plan was to sing a cover song instead.

This decision of singing her own song at the funeral was a purifying experience, one of the kind that led the young artist to believe and pursue her career as an artist. So, with this newfound confidence, she takes on the artist’s path with this song set to be the debut single.

Arlando Mba release here debut song a few months back and leave her first and most emotional mark into the musical world. Titled “Sweet Child of Mine“, the song is a piano ballad written with love and dedication to her mother after she lost a battle with cancer. Sung from the passed person’s point of view, the lyrics talk to the grieving loved ones left behind. The artist’s voice, quivering from the deep and evergrowing sadness, glows up and takes the form of the deceased person who, smiling, gently lifts up the chin of the crying child and caresses their cheeks. In all of its bittersweet taste and sepia-toned memories of the dearest, the song is a reminder that it’s ok to cry, and no matter where you are, their love will always shine upon you.

This is a very emotional ballad that will, no-doubt, touch the souls of all those of us who have lost their beloved. Most likely it will also offer solace to those for whom it’s their deepest fear. And as words often get in the way of explaining the feelings, it’s always better to seek solace from something as heavily relatable as this single and let the feelings flow.

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